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The M.E Boxing club Emerainville

The core values of M.E. Boxing Club are camaraderie, sharing, and effort. Rather than being a gym, it is a family.

Created by Head Coach Malek Ikenache, M.E Boxing Club has become a refuge for many. Malek is one of the most unique men to walk the planet. He has touched the lives of so many people and has helped them become a better version of themselves. He has taken the weak and made them strong, taken those who had nothing and gave them everything. He has taken care of kids and trained them to achieve the highest level of competition.

He has made the dream possible for us.

Malek Ikenache head coach

the new york adventure

In 2010, Malek Ikhenache joined forces with his brother Franco-Cameroonian Simon Bakinde, a former professional boxer now boxing coach in New York. The first to join Simon Bakinde in New York in 2010 was Yurik Mamedov, a young Frenchman of Armenian descent. He was followed in 2011 by Fred Julan and Romain Tomas. The three of them went to the Golden Gloves Competition final in their first year. It is the biggest amateur boxing competition in the United States. The three boxers have since become professionals. Yurik Mamedov, 28, boxes in the middleweight category, Romain Tomas, in the lightweights, and Fred Julan in the lightheavy category.


simon, romain, malek, fred, yuri at the weigh-in before their 1st pro fight in nyc.

romain, fred and yuri in training camp in vermont ny


fred, yuri, simon, malek, romain at the
weigh-in before their fight in atlantic city

the m.e boxing youth program

M.E Boxing helps their members, especially kids, to make positive choices in life and motivates teenagers to get back on track. By achieving good results in school and the gym, they automatically qualify for our all-inclusive training camp in New York. We help the M.E Boxing Club send their members to us by covering their expenses with our Sponsorship Program.



our memberS in nyc

le M.e Boxing club