Boxing Culture is a platform for the Boxing community and combat athletes 


We bring together the world of boxing on our platform to facilitate interactions between members of our community. The main objective is to provide boxers and other fighters with all the support essential to the advancement of their careers by giving them access to development tools such as Training Camps, Masterclasses or E-learning sessions. Our other mission is to provide them with the necessary staff to create a "dream team" to propel their career: (coaches, manager, physical trainers, recovery specialists, administrative advice, lawyers, and more)

We propose boxing classes, training camps, Sparring events, Running sessions, workshops and more. Book Now

Our services are open to all levels. Plus, we offer special resources for boxers in order to accompany and guide them through all points of their career. And, we have an available network of sparring partners where you'll be able to connect and exchange with them, organise sparring session, and be part of our special tournament* (*coming 2021).

 Whether you are a fan, Fighter, trainer, manager, promoter, referee, official, health specialist, media or anyone connected to the sport, everyone is welcome. 

Our Boxing Culture Academy will have a youth program that will allow young athletes to participate in our dedicated Fight Camp and tournaments paid by sponsors and our academy. 



Another goal of Boxing Culture is to organize premium training camps open to everyone, from the beginner looking for new experiences to the many great talents in today's boxing world.

We're here to help athletes and coaches push their limits and take their skills to the next level. New York is widely known for its superb boxing venues and exceptional trainers. We offer you immediate access to the best quality training, workshops, boxing lessons and many special training programs. We'll help you achieve a champion's mindset in and out of the ring by including personal development classes and introducing you to special tools for success.


With our help, you will not only improve your boxing technique, you will establish a sense of discipline and learn new skills while strengthening your vision. Creating short and long term goals is also part of the training, and we'll be there to help you every step of the way.


Boxing Culture offers premium training camps all over the world and special packages for young athletes (see our discount program), both designed to offer our participants the opportunity to strengthen their skills and competencies. We have also created a sponsorship program where anyone can support a young athlete.


No previous boxing experience is required. Our training programs are aimed at all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The camp is open to everyone: whether it is for fitness, weight loss, adventurers, if you're curious, professionals or simply boxing enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome.

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Boxing Culture was established by Frederic Julan and his team of distinguished professionals in the local boxing scene. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Fred is a perfectionist and likes teaching others his knowledge, particularly to kids who will eventually become young champions. He started teaching boxing to kids 12 years ago and since then has become one of the top boxing instructors and personal trainers in the market.


 During his professional career he realizes that many boxers lack resources and then decides to create Boxing Culture where all these resources will be brought together so that Boxers or other professional athletes have simplified access to modern tools to boost their career.

Fred is a Frenchman who moved to New York to advance his professional boxing career and in turn wants to help developing boxers boost their careers and have fights overseas on one of the most established boxing stages in the world. Through Boxing Culture, Fred gives back to the community by offering young champions new opportunities.

If you walk into a boxing gym, you’ll see things like police officers mixing with ex-criminals, the rich mixing with the poor, different races mixing with different races. No hate, just love. I think the world would be a better place if it was more like a boxing gym.