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Frederic Julan established Boxing Culture in 2020.

Fred, an active and independent professional Boxer experienced the hard realities of the Boxing Business early on in his career.

Due to his lack of knowledge at the time,  he ran up against many hurdles and realized fighters needed to take ownership of their career.


Fred then decided to create Boxing Culture as a way to educate other Boxers about the Boxing Business and to help them improve their skills both inside and outside the rings. Most boxers don’t have the proper resources or even know where to look for them—which is why Boxing Culture seeks to bring all of those together. It’s a place where boxers, as well as other professional athletes, can find easy access to modern tools and guidance to help them boost their careers.


Fred, who hails from Paris and has fought in France, Morocco, and Cuba, as well as New York City’s Barclay Center for the Daily News Golden Gloves, he moved to the States in 2012 to advance his boxing career. Now he wants to give back by helping developing boxers find the same opportunities he has had—but without all the extra and unnecessary struggle. ​

He recently joined forces with Chris Lukusa another professional fighter,

together, they hope to open up new venues to many young and future champions.