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Boxing Culture was established by Frederic Julan.


Fred is an active and independent professional Boxer that experienced the reality of the Boxing Business early in his career.

Due to his lack of knowledge at the time, he experienced many disappointments and realized fighters needed to take ownership of their career.

He then decided to create Boxing Culture to educate Boxers about the Boxing Business and help them improve their skills in and out of the rings. Most boxers lack resources and don't know where to look for it, all these resources will be brought together on Boxing Culture so that Boxers or other professional athletes have simplified access to modern tools to boost their career.


Fred is a Frenchman who moved to New York in 2012 to advance his boxing career and in turn wants to help developing boxers boost theirs as well.


He wants to give the same opportunity he had : to give the opportunity to all boxers to fight overseas on one of the most established boxing stages in the world: NYC.

Through Boxing Culture, Fred wants to give back  by offering young champions new opportunities.