"No lies can be told when you’re in the ring. You can’t lie about being in shape, about knowing the techniques, about being faster than your opponent, about being stronger or tougher. The truth will be exposed."

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Valentino founder of 4boxingperf

Meet Valentino, our principal partner for strength and conditioning training. Strength and conditioning coaches help athletes attain optimum performance through training, exercise, and nutritional programs. They work with athletes at all levels, as well as members of the general public who wish to improve their strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

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4BOXINGPERF programs are designed to enable you to perform at the most elite level and feel the best you ever have. We use this format so you can keep training in any situation. Eliminate all excuses with the same program that boxing, kickboxing, and grapplers champions are using to keep in shape at home, in hotels, and any time they can’t access a gym. 

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At Boxing Culture, the emphasis is on teaching and sharing the real Boxing Techniques as if you were a professional. We are not another cardio-style gym or boutique bootcamp. We will teach you the fundamentals of boxing and the proper way of getting ready for a fight. We are Located in New York city but, we do not have a strict location. We organize events in different gyms so you can discover something new every time.


This instructional class is limited to small groups of 2-3 people in the ring. Focusing on the needs of the boxers in the ring, Small Group Personal Training marries technical boxing instruction with cardio and core regiments  assigned to you by the trainer.


Boxing delivers the highest level of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, sharp reflexes, and fight skills. Whether you want to blow off steam after work or train like a champ, boxing will work your whole body and mind. For one hour it will make you forget about the outside world. This class hits a high intensity level that focuses on cardio exercises with bag-work training.

sparring workshops

We organize Sparring events for all level supervised by professional Boxers. In there, we'll practice specific drills on given situations and finish with 2 or 3 rounds of free Sparring where you can express yourself with your fists. If you keep joining our events, once we consider you're ready for a step up, we'll eventually have you take part in our inter-gyms "tournaments" and maybe be part of one of the BCTS team. 

training camps

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personal training

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If it’s your first time, come along ten minutes before any of the classes. All classes that we offer our clients are suitable for beginners or advanced boxers. One of trainer will show you the training area, help you put on your bandages/hand wraps (to support your wrists under your boxing gloves), take you through some basic moves and so on. Newcomers find this introduction very helpful.

When attending, you will need boxing wraps you can purchase from us at a cost of $10. If you wish to participate in sparring you will need a mouthguard at a cost of $10. Everything else you can borrow from us. If you’re not new to boxing and don’t feel you need the basics over again, just show up for the timetabled start of your chosen class.







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