Experience boxing in the heart of New York City (other locations soon available) and have the time of your life while getting in shape and perfecting your craft. 


Come visit and train in the NYC boxing scene set among the historic gyms that have been frequented by the likes of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali or Roberto Duran. We offer two types of programs: one for boxers and one for fitness enthusiasts. Our programs include training, housing, lectures and workshops. We are open all year round.


The Boxing Culture Experience


Boxing Culture focuses on developing fighters of all ages and abilities in a traditional boxing environment. Head trainer Fred Julan has been fighting since the age of 16 and has a wealth of expertise in teaching across all levels, from complete beginners to professional fighters. Boxing Culture put at your disposal a team of other professional boxers who will bring their expertise and vision to the table.


Starting out or looking to get fit? The team will encourage you with their passion for the sport, fresh clean food, and healthy living. 


Looking to fight professionally? Boxing Culture develops champions by helping them improve their skills and gain experience at the local level. You can also return for a longer period of time and aim to fight in New York for the Golden Gloves, the biggest stage in amateur boxing. 

To maintain this high standard of training, we only accept 3 fighters at any given time to ensure students get the required attention to excel. You can expect to train as a group alongside your peers. We have found this to be the best way to train as it encourages motivation and build relationships.


  • 3 Different locations in NY

  • Organized sparring for all levels 

  • Up to 2 daily training sessions depending on packages

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Lectures, fight study, workshops and exclusive tools for success

  • Housing, including bedding, towels, and essentials


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


Different locations available :

  • Brooklyn/Manhattan

  • The Catskills 

  • Secret location (PREMIUM ONLY)

Upcoming Events

Training Camp (Premiere edition)
secret location

 "If you're not encountering defeat on on a fairly regular basis, you are not trying hard enough"

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