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Pad work at maximum power and technique


A different approach to personal training 

Like a tutor helps with schoolwork, the best way to improve in sport is by working one-on-one with a private coach who specializes in individual skill development. In fact, behind every great athlete is a private coach who helped them along the way. No professional athlete trains alone, so why should you? ​


The Boxing Culture Method follows a strict program that teaches the proper guard, movement, punching, and defense step by step, so every boxer has excellent proficiency in every skill before finding a style that matches his physique and mentality.

Here are a few bullets that characterize our style:

  • Footwork is essential

  • Defense first

  • Strong pawing jab

  • Hit and move (in and out)

The Boxing Culture method was heavily influenced by the Cuban and old Soviet-style, which relied on the same fundamentals. The main creator of the system that brought so many medals to Cuba is Professor Alcides Sagarra Carón. He perfected the art of hitting and dodging that became known as the Cuban style of boxing.

At Boxing Culture we also focus on the true meaning of fitness :

​Fitness is more than just physical exercise or achievement. It is the representation of the whole active self, including you and the world in which you live. This means that the physical effect of fitness will energize other aspects of your life. When most people begin a journey to become fit, they only think about the physical aspect of it. With the mix of the boxing philosophy and conditioning, not only will people will lose weight, get in shape and build muscle, they will also get healthy, build confidence, have more energy and look better.

Chris Lukusa

Chris Lukusa

Boxing/kickboxing/MMA instructor

Frederic Julan

Frederic Julan

Personal Trainer, CEO of Boxing Culture

Bastien Martinez

Bastien Martinez

Consultant Chez Boxing Culture

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