Having a great coach is one of the most important factors in improving your boxing ability. Is it just knowledge and experience? There is more to a great boxing trainer than just having a lot of knowledge.

Look at the man behind Mike Tyson and you’ll see a Cus D’Amato. Look behind Manny Pacquiao and you’ll see a Freddie Roach. Look up Floyd Mayweather Jr’s family tree and you’ll find three distinguished boxers from the Mayweather clan. Being a fighter and having talent locked away deep inside is one thing, but that fighter still needs to find someone who can unlock his true potential. A great boxing coach will do this. More often than not, the outcome of great fights has also been decided by the man in the corner, not just the man in the ring.


In fact, having a trainer is so important that many professional fighters have teams of trainers, each coach specializing in a different expertise relating to boxing. At Boxing Culture, we aim to bring these weapons to any Boxer and guide trainers who wishes to strengthen and enhance his expertise.




Objectifs de la Masterclass 

  • Apprendre à tenir les pattes d'ours

  • Apprendre à réceptionner les coups avec les pattes d'ours de façon sécuritaire

  • Concevoir des exercices avec les pattes d'ours qui répondent aux objectifs clients




la chaine des coach